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IT-Ops Cheat Sheet

This sheet cheat covers IT Ops solutions, roughly organized per process. For a similar index have a look at

Software Firewalls, LBs

Install Servers

  • Cobbler
  • MAAS - Ubuntu “Metal As A Service” install server
  • Foreman (integrated with puppet)
  • SpaceWalk (Kickstart based for Redhat and Solaris)
  • Razor (from Puppetlabs)


Orchestration Tools

  • JuJu: mostly for Ubuntu, service orchestration tool (Python, commercially backed)
  • Maestro (enterprise, commercial)
  • mcollective - Puppet parallelizing and orchestration framework
  • SaltStack

Orchestration Standards

Orchestration Frameworks


Performance Debugging



  • rrdtool (arkane, do not use directly)
  • Cacti (arkane, do not use)
  • Munin (easy to setup, good graphs, great defaults, aged)
  • Ganglia
  • Graphite, Grafana, influxDB (good customization, aweful usability)
  • collectd

Active Service Checking

  • Nagios, Icinga
  • Nagios frameworks with Vendor Lock-in: Groundworks, OpsView, Zabbix
  • check_mk (OSS, multi-site Nagios GUI)

SNMP based

  • Naemon

Real Time Metrics

  • Single Host only

Hosting / ISP

API Documentation

Software Architecture

F5 Series on Architecture


1) Cloud/Automated Systems need an Architecture


2) The Service Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architectures


3) The Deployment Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architectures


4) The Operational Model for Cloud/Automated Systems Architectures


Feature Management


Git Code Review Solutions