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F5 Cheat Sheet

F5 irule Regex Examples

Note that F5 uses TCL as a scripting language, so all these commands do follow TCL syntax.

Matching with regexp

Use this to match a string

regexp {pattern}      [HTTP::path]                # match HTTP path
regexp {(?i)pattern}  [HTTP::path]                # same, but case insensitive

rexexp {(pattern)}    [HTTP::path] -> resultVar   # store match string into result variable

regexp -all {\/}      [HTTP::path]                # count all slashes

Replacing with regsub

Use this to replace strings

regsub      {%20} $input + output        # Replace first occurences of '%20' in variable input with '+'
regsub -all {%20} $input + output        # Replace all occurences of '%20' in variable input with '+'
regsub -nocase {foo} $input bar output   # Case insensitive replace of "foo" with "bar" in variable input

Note how each time you need to dereference the input variable “$input” and just name the output variable “output”.

SSL Certificates

F5 - Lets Encrypt Integration: (