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Container Orchestration Cheat Sheet

Container Scheduler Solutions

  • Amazon ACS (supports DC/OS, Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • CoreOS Fleet
  • Cloud Foundry Diego
  • Docker Swarm
  • Google Container Engine
  • kubernetes
  • Mesosphere Marathon

Container Source To Image Solutions / CaaS

Integrated Products:

  • Cloud Foundry
  • Openshift
  • Heroku

Kubernetes Ecosystem Cluster Deployment Solutions:

Infrastructure as Code

Amazon ECS



  • komposer (Docker Compose for kubernetes and Openshift)
  • kube-applier (single repo watcher, resource files only, no templates)
  • Helm (recipe repo manager, upstream chart repo)
  • Helmfile (orchestrate Helm chart releases, config + secret management)
  • Helmsman (Helm based cluster manager)
  • Armada (Helm based central configuration, including lifecycle hooks)
  • Landscaper (Helm charts based resource definition)
  • Terraform official kubernetes provider (only a few resource types, missing Deployments/Routes/…)
  • Terraform 3rd party kubernetes providers… (FIXME: resource provider)
  • Exekube (projects mapped using terraform+helm)
  • WeaveCloud/flux (SaaS)
  • Mesosphere Maestro (declarative universal operator)


Multi-PaaS IaC Tools

At least supporting Azure, AWS and GCE

  • Terraform
  • Ubuntu Juju (also Openstack, Rackspace, vSphere)