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Buildah Cheat Sheet


Note that most docker parameters can be used with Buildah.

buildah login -u <user> -p <password> <repo>
buildah info

buildah images
buildah rmi <image>

# Just run and enter a container
name=$(buildah from debian)
buildah run $name bash

# Building from Dockerfile
buildah bud --format docker -t <tag> --build-arg key1=value1 --build-arg key2=value2

buildah inspect <container|image>

buildah unshare cat /proc/self/uid_map         # Run in effective user namespace

Multi-architecture builds

buildah manifest create m
buildah bud --tag myimage:latest --manifest m --arch amd64 .
buildah bud --tag myimage:latest --manifest m --arch arm64 .
buildah manifest push --all m <some target>

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