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Simple policy that ensure disks won't run full within the next 3 days using a 14 day interval of samples. Uses average growth in this interval to predict days to disk full. Warns if disk will be full in 7 days, critical when disk full in 3 days.

Check Script:



today=$(date +%Y%m%d) old=$(date -d "$FS_SPACE_HISTORY_INTERVAL days ago" +%Y%m%d)

# Read old values and add current ones values=$( ( while read mount day available; do if [ "$day" -ge $old -a "$day" -ne "$today" ]; then /bin/echo "$mount $day $available" fi done < <(tail -$(( $FS_SPACE_HISTORY_INTERVAL - 1 )) "$FS_SPACE_HISTORY")

while read device fs blocks used available percent mount rest; do /bin/echo "$mount $today $available" done < <( /bin/df -lTm | /bin/egrep -v "tmpfs|Filesystem" ) ) | sort -u )

# Save new values /bin/echo "$values" >${FS_SPACE_HISTORY} 2>/dev/null

# Calculate diffs prevMount= echo "$values " |\ while read mount day available rest; do if [ "$mount" == "$prevMount" -a "$day" != "$prevDay" ]; then diff=$(( $prevValue - $available )) # We are only interested in daily space increases if [ $diff -gt 0 ]; then diffsum=$(( $diffsum + $diff)) fi diffcount=$(( $diffcount + 1 )) else # Analyze if [ "$prevMount" != "" ]; then if [ "${diffcount-0}" -ge $FS_SPACE_MIN_VALUE_COUNT ]; then if [ ${diffsum-0} -gt 0 ]; then days_left=$(( $prevValue * $diffcount / $diffsum )) message="$prevMount is probably full in $days_left days (grows $(( $diffsum / $diffcount)) MiB/day)" if [ "$days_left" -le $FS_SPACE_CRITICAL_DAYS ]; then result_failed "$message" elif [ "$days_left" -le $FS_SPACE_WARNING_DAYS ]; then result_warning "$message" else result_ok "$message" fi else result_ok "$prevMount usage has no growth since $diffcount days" fi else result_ok "$prevMount usage unknown, not enough samples..." fi fi # Reset diffsum=0 diffcount=0 fi prevValue=$available prevMount=$mount prevDay=$day done
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