Cheat Sheets

Security - Pending Updates


There should be no pending security updates. This check uses debsecan and checks for "high urgency" listings. Note: debsecan does not report package versions.


apt-get install $(debsecan --only-fixed 2>&1 | grep "high urgency" | awk '{print $2}')

Check Script:


# Note: explicitely pass --config and SOURCE= to workaround Debian #842428 if [ -f /usr/bin/debsecan ]; then /usr/bin/timeout -k 5 -s 9 4 /usr/bin/debsecan --only-fixed --config <(/bin/echo SOURCE="") --suite "$(lsb_release -cs)" 2>&1 |\ grep "high urgency" |\ grep -v "obsolete" |\ while read cve package tags; do tags=$(/bin/echo "$tags" | sed "s/fixed, //;s/(//;s/)//") result_vulnerability "$cve" "$package" "$tags" done else result_warning "debscan is not installed" fi
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