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Performance - Swappiness = 1


Swappiness should be reduced as much as possible on databases of all kinds. Note: due to OOM behaviour since Linux 2.6.32+ swappiness=0 is dangerous, so to be safe we stay with swappiness=1 and throw a warning on swappiness=0.


echo 'swappiness = 1' >/etc/sysctl.d/50-swappiness.conf && sysctl -p

Check Script:


value=$(/sbin/sysctl -n swappiness 2>/dev/null) if [ "$value" -gt 1 ]; then result_failed "sysctl swappiness != 1" elif [ "$value" -eq 0 ]; then result_warning "sysctl swappiness=0, this can cause OOM kills!" elif [ "$value" -eq 1 ]; then result_ok fi
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