Liferea , the free news aggregator on your Linux desktop.

Supported Platforms

The following list provides some short notes on the installation of Liferea on different platforms. If you have questions or problems with the specific packages please contact the package maintainer. Thanks to all the packagers for their efforts!

Packaging status

How to Install Liferea

From Binary Packages
Snap You can find a snap package at Snapcraft
snap install liferea
Flatpak You can find a flatpak package at
flatpak install flathub net.sourceforge.liferea
and run it with
flatpak run net.sourceforge.liferea
GNU/Linux Distributions
Debian, Ubuntu, Mint There are official packages which can be installed by running
apt-get install liferea

If you are a Ubuntu novice user check out this video on how to install Liferea

Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora There are official packages which can be installed like this:
yum install liferea
SUSE Since SuSE 10.1 there are official Liferea packages in SuSE. Please use the yast2 package manager to install them.
Up-to-date SuSE and OpenSuSE packages can also be found here.
yast2 -i liferea
Gentoo There is a package in the official portage repository that can be installed with
emerge liferea
Mandriva There is an official Mandriva package maintained by Tibor Pittich and Goectz Waschk. To install it execute
urpmi liferea
Zenwalk There is an official Zenwalk package maintained by George Vlahavas. To install it execute
netpkg liferea
Other Unix Derivates
FreeBSD There are always up-to-date Liferea packages (built by Hye-Shik Chang) at
Cygwin There is a Cygwin port from Yaakov Selkowitz.

How to Compile Liferea

Compiling from Tarball
If you want you can compile Liferea yourself download the source tarball from the Github project page and extract it with:
tar -jxvf liferea-<version>.tar.bz2
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

Alternatively you can check out the most current sources from the git repository as described in the next section.

Compiling from Git

Check out the code from git:

git clone liferea
Change into the created directory "liferea" and run the standard autotools commands:
$ sh
$ make
# make install
If you have problems compiling the sources please raise a Github issue and we will try to help!