[[ Firefox/Mozilla extension for Liferea integration. ]]
What is Feedbag?

FeedBag is a Firefox extension that modifies the feed button in the address bar. Clicking the button will add a subscription directly to Liferea and not to the Live Bookmarks.

Latest News

27.09.06: release v1.1

27.04.06: initial release


If you have problems, want to suggest enhancements or want to contribute enhancements you should post on the liferea-devel mailing list.


Follow this link to the Mozilla extensions web site and click the "Install Now" link. Firefox should then automatically start the installation of FeedBag.

Note: FeedBag uses DBUS to send subscription requests to Liferea. So both Liferea and Firefox must be started with the dbus-daemon running (ps -ef|grep dbus). For DBUS to work properly the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS environment variable of the calling shell must be set. This should be the case if DBUS is already running. If clicking the feed button in Firefox just does not work please run Firefox in a terminal and check if there are DBUS errors when clicking the feed button.