This is a new bugfix release. It fixes a problem with the browser preferences and a Google Reader notification issue. It removed support because of a malware alert. Finally it provides an Hebrew and German translation update. Please upgrade! Grab the newest release from The detailed changes:
        Version 1.8.11

        Please note that due to the SourceForge upgrade bug ticket numbering
        did change. This might be confusing... Old numbers are 7 figures, 
        newer ones only 4!

        * Added Google Plus to social bookmarking options.
        * Fix for Debian #668197: x-www-browser preference not working
          (David Smith)
        * Updated Hebrew translation (Genghis Khan, Yaron Sheffer)
        * Fixes SF #1037: Incorrect notifications for Google Reader 
          (patch by David Smith)
        * Fixes SF #1048: Removed all references from FAQ 
          and XSLT as it was reported to host malware.
          (reported by bkat)