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Liferea 1.12.6 Released

This is another bug fix release which resolves several usability problems.


    * #658: Add confirmation dialog when adding duplicate subscription

* Fixes #689: When resuming from sleep feeds were being fetched before Wifi came up (ghost) * Fixes #685: Headerbar plugin "Mark All Read" button is not feed-specific (Robbie Cooper) * Fixes #549: Scrollbars not always present in the headline area (Leiaz) * Fixes #543: Next update overrides HTML5 enrichment (Lars Windolf) * Fixes overly wide label in enclosure preferences dialog (Lars Windolf) * Dropped unencrypted warning from auth dialog (not true anymore) (Lars Windolf)

* #692: Update of Czech translation (RadimNo) * #688: Adding translatable tooltips for the headerbar plugin (Robbie Cooper)


You can download the release tarball at github.

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