Liferea: git master now has TinyTinyRSS podcast support

If you use TinyTinyRSS synchronization and care about podcast try git master (upcoming 1.11.0 unstable release) to also fetch podcasts!

Continuous Liferea git master builds with Travis CI

Today I set up Travis for Liferea git master. This should reduce mistakes like forgetting to add files or dependencies as well as testing compilation with LLVM.

I also converted the README to Markdown syntax and the new now has a Liferea screenshot and a Travis build status badge looking like this:

Liferea Project Moved to Github

Today I closed the ticket tracker at Sourceforge the last remaining project tool there. Several maintainers and users already started using the new one at Github. Please also do!

If I set everything correctly the SF bugs should stay readable for everyone. You just cannot edit them anymore. I plan to close all of them with appriopriate results. In any case if you mind please reopen at Github:

Moving to Github simplifies my workflow a lot (especially the auto-linking of tickets by commits with ticket id) and less time will be spend on maintaining the tickets and more on the code and the actual issues to solve.

Also feel invited to make many many pull requests!

Invisible Tray Icon in Ubuntu Unity 14.04

If you are using Ubuntu Unity as desktop environment and after upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 the tray icon disappears please workaround by running:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"

TheOldReader Categories Support in Liferea git master

Git master now features categories support when subscribing to accounts. As TheOldReader allows only level of folders nested folders are not possible. Still this allows to organize the feeds neatly. If you already have a subscription don't worry your feeds will be automatically reorganized without loosing any items.

The TheOldReader category support will be first included in release 1.11.0

Liferea Bug Tracker Switching to Github

Dear maintainers and contributing end users,

I plan to switch the bug tracker from SourceForge to Github to the end of the month (31.05.2014) to further simplify the workflow of maintaining Liferea. As a benefit at Github I'll maintain milestones with due dates and assigned issues. The Github bug tracker is already in use by some users. Feel free to use it right now.

Nothing Gets Lost!

I won't ignore the old tickets, they will just become invisible. I promise to process all important SF tickets. I believe you will still get mail notifications on state changes. For the maintainers: if you still need to access the tickets I we can find a solution (admin user role...). I know this pains you guys probably the most and don't want to mess up your valuable work more than absolutely necessary.

If you are in any doubt please drop a short mail on the mailing list or just recreate all the tickets at Github:

The Future

I plan to entirely stop using the Sourceforge tools in favour of Github. Sourceforge is just not very useable. Code formatting looks funny all the time. One needs to edit tickets to change state. Also the commit correlation with tickets in Github is just a killer feature for me.

For the future I also hope to invite more contributions via Github forking and merging. By also switching more code to Python plugins I can imagine some more users crossing the barrier, that coding in C is, and contribute.

Liferea 1.10.9 Released

Today sees another maintenance release for 1.10. This release addresses TinyTinyRSS updating issues. If you are affected please upgrade and give feedback if it helped!

    * Fixes Github #19: non void function should return value
      (reported by kwm81)
    * Fixes SF #1141: Liferea does not update feeds with TinyTinyRSS
      (reported by Dominik Grafenhofer, denk_mal, Fabian Henze)
    * Fixes SF #1150: subscription prop/source: not all fields and
      buttons visible (reported by David Smith)

Download Liferea 1.10.9

Liferea 1.10.8 Released

Today sees another maintenance release for 1.10. This release tries to address the startup crashes some users experience. If you are affected please upgrade and give feedback if it helped!

* Fixes Github #13: Parsing errors not visible with dark themes
  (reported by Steve Kelly)
* Fixes SF #1137, #1142: startup race with LifereaHtmlView
  (reported by Yanko Kaneti)

Download Liferea 1.10.8

Liferea 1.10.7 Released

Today there is another maintenance release for 1.0 introducing a patch from Chris Siebenmann:

 * Make Liferea use ETags and send If-None-Match
   (patch by Chris Siebenmann)

Download Liferea 1.10.7

Liferea 1.10.6 Released

Today saw the stable release 1.10.6. It provides two important bug fixes:

* Fixes SF #1135: liferea-add-feed doesn't process feed:https//
  (patch by Kevin Walke)
* Fixes SF #1137: crash on startup in enclosure_list_view_load
  (reported in Redhat #1048499, Fedora #214888)

Download Liferea 1.10.6

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