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Java Cheat Sheet

JDBC Problems

Oracle JDBC hanging and timing out when run on VMs: this can indicate missing entropy Workaround: Note that this reduces security! Use urandom as RNG by adding the following JVM option

Check if you are using Oracle JDK (and need a valid license)

pgrep -fl java | grep -q "+UnlockCommercialFeatures"

Default Keystore Location

readlink -e $(dirname $(readlink -e $(which keytool)))/../lib/security/cacerts

JMX Remote JConsole via SSH tunnel

Enable JMX and JConsole:
And connect jconsole to remote localhost:3333 e.g. via SSH port forwarding
ssh targethost -L 3334:localhost:3334 -f -N
ssh targethost -L 3333:localhost:3333 -f -N