Gerrit Cheat Sheet


Easily Checkout Changes

Changes correspond to branches with the naming schema "gerrit_<change number>". So you can
git checkout gerrit_12345

Delete Changes

Sometime you want to delete a change to make it invisible for everyone (for example when you did commit an unencrypted secret...). This is possible only via the SQL interface which you can enter with
ssh <gerrit host>:29418 gerrit gsql
and issue a delete with:
update changes set status='d' where change_id='<change id>';

Search for Commit Text

It is a bit non-obvious to search for text in commit messages. When just searching "message:" no results are given. This is because "status:" auto-defaults to a useless values. So you need to specify "status:" with a useful value:
status:merged message:critical bugfix
status:open   message:Patch

Solving Errors

Bad pack header

This happens from time to time if you do not garbage collect and hit the open file limit. To solve: trigger a garbage collection
ssh <gerrit host>:29418 gerrit gc <project name>

Unpack failed: error Missing unknown xxx

Solution here is to abandon the problematic changes. This cannot be done via the GUI and only by admins
# Find Gerrit id
ssh <gerrit hxost>:29418 gerrit query xxx

# Abandon the change
ssh $lt;gerrit host>:29418 gerrit gsql -c "update changes set open='\''N'\'',status='\''A'\'' where change_id=<id>;"