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Part 5 of the Unix/Linux system administrator job offer and technologies survey. Here are several new companies. This time watch out for "or's" in the table and the order of the alternative which might give an indication what the employer uses and what knowledge he deems equivalent. Also keep in mind that such "or's" indicate once more that each position might describe only wishes, but not that actual architecture the company uses. It depends on how open they want to be...

If you want to check for yourself click the "[src]" for the original reference, but know that it might be already offline.

Todays List

Company Sector Reference OS Languages Databases Software Hardware Monitoring Virtualization Automation
allesklar Internet: Web [src] Linux MySQL, Postgres, Cassandra DB HA and Loadbalancing
Xing Social [src] Java, Scala ElasticSearch or (Lucene or Solr) Haadop, HBase, Cassandra
Hanwha Q Cells Industry [src] AIX System P, Storages, Tape Online Store: Books [src] Redhat Apache, Tomcat, Redhat Satellite SAN yes
goodgame Studios Gaming [src] Debian, Redhat Shell MySQL Apache, Postfix Nagios, Munin, Icinga
International Algorithmic Trading GmbH Finance [src] Redhat, CentOS, Scientific Linux Bash, Perl yes
Lidl Online Store: Food [src] Redhat Shell MySQL VMWare
EOS UPTRADE GmbH Internet [src] Debian, CentOS PHP MySQL Cisco FW, Watchguard Icinga XenServer, VMWare Cloud Puppet

The Interesting Things

Well this is the first time I see someone using Scientific Linux. As with the previous posts automation doesn't seem to play a big role as only 2 out of 8 mentioned it. Also no startupish devops style offers here as the scripting languages seem to indicate. It seems to be just good old robust Unix administration :-)

And look at Q Cells, no wonder they went bankrupt using IBM hardware...

Note: You can find the complete index of all companies I checked so far here: What Job Offers Tell About Architectures.

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