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When you are working in IT possible employers have no chance, but to publicly give a rough overview of the main technologies for which they require your skills. Here is a list of interesting German companies and what knowledge they require based on online opening descriptions.

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Company Sector Reference OS Languages Databases Software Hardware Monitoring Virtualization Automation
allesklar Internet: Web 27.12.2013 Linux MySQL, Postgres, Cassandra DB HA and Loadbalancing
Xing Social 27.12.2013 Java, Scala ElasticSearch or (Lucene or Solr) Haadop, HBase, Cassandra
Hanwha Q Cells Industry 27.12.2013 AIX System P, Storages, Tape Online Store: Books 27.12.2013 Redhat Apache, Tomcat, Redhat Satellite SAN yes
goodgame Studios Gaming 27.12.2013 Debian, Redhat Shell MySQL Apache, Postfix Nagios, Munin, Icinga
International Algorithmic Trading GmbH Finance 27.12.2013 Redhat, CentOS, Scientific Linux Bash, Perl yes
Lidl Online Store: Food 27.12.2013 Redhat Shell MySQL VMWare
EOS UPTRADE GmbH Internet 27.12.2013 Debian, CentOS PHP MySQL Cisco FW, Watchguard Icinga XenServer, VMWare Cloud Puppet
Brose Industry 19.11.2013 AIX, Linux, Windows HA ABAP Oracle, MaxDB SAP
DATEV eG Accounting 19.11.2013 Java, Javascript DB2 J2EE, DOJO, JUnit, Mockito
DATEV eG Accounting 19.11.2013 z/OS Cobol, Java, Javascript DB2, VSAM
Elektrobit Automotive GmbH Industry 19.11.2013 Unix Java Oracle Tomcat, WebSphere, Spring, Eclipse RCP
Actano GmbH Software 19.11.2013 Win, Mac OSX, Linux MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL Firewall, Exchange Nagios, Centreon vSphere, HyperV, AWS, Profitbricks
Ratbacher Software: SAP 19.11.2013 AIX, Linux DB2, Oracle Tivoli Storage Manager IBM Power
United Experts Internet 19.11.2013 Debian Lenny, Squeeze, Wheezy MySQL, Postgresql Haproxy, Apache, Tomcat Network HW, Blades, Storages Nagios, Munin, Icinga, Zabbix Xen, KVM
Texas Instruments Industry 19.11.2013 Solaris, Linux Shell, Python, Perl Oracle x86 and SPARC HW components, Blades, SAN, NAS
Media Saturn Online Store 19.11.2013 Unix Tomcat, Citrix, Cluster, ITIL
easyCash Payment 19.11.2013 Linux, AIX Shell Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, ITIL Nagios
Sunbeam GmbH Internet: Web 12.11.2013 Debian, CentOS PHP MySQL Typo3, Piwik, Mantis, OpenX OpenVZ
Air Berlin Airline 12.11.2013 Windows Oracle 11g, MS SQL 2008
BearingPoint Software 12.11.2013 Unix, Linux Shell, Java Oracle Apache, Tomcat
COC AG Internet: Web 12.11.2013 Unix, Linux, Windows Server ADS VMWare, MS, Citrix
dm Pharmacy Online Store 12.11.2013 RHEL, Window Server 2008 Shell, Ruby, Java Varnish, Apache, JBoss, Tomcat VMWare Chef or Puppet
Groupon GmbH Online Store 12.11.2013 Linux MySQL, Postgres Apache, Tomcat, Hudson, Jenkins, LDAP vSphere, VirtualBox cfengine2/3, Puppet
HUK-Coburg Insurance Finance: Insurance 12.11.2013 DB2 DWH
InVision AG Internet: Web 12.11.2013 Linux Postgres, MySQL, Redis Chef, Puppet, Capistrano
1&1 Shared Hosting Internet: ISP 09.11.2013 Debian Perl, Bash Apache, DRBD, Debian Packaging
1&1 Virtualisation Internet: ISP 09.11.2013 Linux Perl, Python NAS, SAN, iSCSI, NFS VMWare, Xen, KVM, OpenStack, OpenNebula
1&1 Monitoring Internet: ISP 09.11.2013 Linux, Windows Server Java, C/C++, Perl, Bash, Ruby
1&1 Internet: ISP 09.11.2013 Linux Perl, Bash, Python MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL Apache, Tomcat, Java
1&1 Internet: ISP 09.11.2013 Linux Java Apache, Tomcat, JBoss
1&1 Internet: ISP 09.11.2013 Linux Perl, Bash, Python MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL, Cassandra Puppet Online Store 09.11.2013 MySQL, MS SQL DRBD, heartbeat
First Colo Internet: ISP 09.11.2013 Linux Bash, PHP, Perl, Python Postgres, MySQL Cisco, Juniper
IKB Bank Finance 09.11.2013 SLES 10/11/12, Solaris 8/10 Bash, Perl Postgres, MySQL Fibre Channel SAN, Storages: EMC, HP, IBM
s'Oliver Online Store 09.11.2013 AIX SAP, Tivoli TSM IBM SAN PowerVM
Fraunhofer HHI Science/Research 07.11.2013 Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian C# Windows AD, Windows Terminal Server, DFS FibreChannel vSphere 5 Online Store 07.11.2013 Debian, Redhat Icinga, Cacti, NewRelic Online Store 07.11.2013 Debian NoSQL, MongoDB LAMP Nagios, Zookeeper, Corosync KVM
KPMG Accounting 07.11.2013 Windows Server 2003/2008 MS SQL 2005/2008, SQL BI MS IIS Online Store 07.11.2013 Linux Node.js MongoDB nginx, Varnish, ElasticSearch NewRelic Puppet, SaltStack Internet: Video 07.11.2013 Redhat PHP MySQL, Postgres, Redis, CouchDB Tomcat, JBoss, Apache, nginx Cloud Puppet, Foreman, Chef, Rex
Springer Online Internet: News 07.11.2013 CentOS, Redhat Bash, Python, Ruby MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB Apache, HaProxy, JBoss, Tomcat, Nginx, Varnish F5, Cisco Icinga, Graphite KVM, VMWare, Xen, AWS chef, Puppet
Teufel Industry 07.11.2013 Windows Powershell, Bash Exchange VMWare, Hyper V chef, Puppet
T Systems Internet: ISP 07.11.2013 Linux Shell, Perl, PHP MySQL, Oracle heartbeat, DRBD, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic
Zalando Online Store 07.11.2013 MS ADS SAN

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