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Distribution adoption is slow as always, bugfixes released take time to end up at the users...

Ubuntu 13.04 1.8.10
Debian Wheezy 1.8.6
Debian Wheezy Backports 1.8.15
Debian Experimental 1.10.1
OpenSuSE 12.3 1.8.14
Gentoo Stable 1.8.8
Fedora 19 1.8.15
Fedora 20 1.10.2
FreeBSD 1.8.15
Arch Linux 1.10.3

1.8.15 is latest stable version of 1.8 line. So using Debian Backports, FreeBSD and Fedora 17-19 you are up-to-date. Only in Debian Experimental and Fedora 20 you get the most recent stable line.


in XUbuntu 13.04 I use

in XUbuntu 13.04 I use 1.10-RC1.
Thank you.

arch linux

short fyi, the arch linux package is on 1.10.2 (see

In Arch Linux version is 1.10.2

The repo version for Arch Linux is 1.10.2
Thank you!

Now version 1.10.3 in Arch Linux

Now version 1.10.3 in Arch Linux, since yesterday :)

RE: Now version 1.10.3 in Arch Linux



On Arch Linux you get 1.10.2

On Archlinux you get

Version 1.10.11 in Archlinux

The repo version for Archlinux is 1.10.11
Thank you for this very nice software!

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