Large Website Technology Changes in November 2013

As in the last two months I performed another a indexing of the information reported by major websites. It covers mostly request header, HTML and DNS based information of the top 200 sites listed by Alexa and the top 100 German websites. All the information is freely available and only extracted from the website responses!

The detailed results can be found here:

What Changed?

DNS-Prefetching The HTML header based DNS prefetching is still there and gained another site: German job portal
IPv6 IPv6 support did not spread in the last month. Several sites have flapping visibility of their AAAA records.
Version Upgrades upgrades from PHP 5.3.8 to 5.4.21. upgrades from Apache 2.2.21 to 2.4.6.
Webserver Change German health portal switched from Mongrel to Apache
Hiding Server Version Porn site stopped reporting usage of PHP 5.3.6
CDN In 11/2013 switched from Cotendo to Akamai CDN.
Hoster German couples portal seems to have changed hoster and is using BigIP F5 load balancers now.

Note: the website links lead to a history page for the measurements.


All the results listed above are based on a simple scanning script. The results present a snapshot of the websites and a single response only. This is of course not necessarily an indicating for what techniques the site uses in daily operations!


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