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Google Reader Shutting Down

As it was covered widely in media most of you probably have heard that Google is shutting down Google Reader after 1st July 2013.

Will the Google Reader data be lost?

No. As it is implemented now once Google Reader is not available Liferea will present you only a Google Reader feed list element without a subscriptions subtree. This can happen when you have no network connectivity for example. The subscriptions are only displayed after a successful Google account login. Even when the subscription list is not shown Liferea will still have all data in the local sqlite database, so no headlines will be lost.

To allow everyone to still access the items a code change is needed. With this it will be possible to access the old headlines from the local cache DB even after the shutdown so you loose nothing. I hope to find time to work on this in the next weeks.

Any Migration Suggestions?

Well the best choice is for sure self-hosting a TinyTinyRSS instance. Since the shutdown announcement there also seems to be a huge move to Feedly, but be aware that this is the same vendor-lock as Google was! Remember the API shutdown of Bloglines more than two years ago?

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